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  • Vhartun

    h3. Description Vhartun is the capital city of the [[Azure Empire]]. It is located on the Southeast corner of ****. h3. Demographics * Area: * Population: * Government: Hierarchy h3. Economy * Industries: * [[Currency]] Used: Standard * …

  • Fools Watch

    h3. Description h3. Demographics * Area: * Population: * Government: h3. Economy * Industries: * Currency Used: * Overall Economic Status: h3. Hisrory h3. Sites of Interest h3. Local Lore

  • Bartopia

    h4. Geography Lying just off the beaten path, Bartopia remains a fairly quiet place. Forests nearly surround the town on all sides but are daily being cut away for more farm land and for timber. There is a river beside the town which still has not …

  • Dezuldhun

    Dezulduhn is the [[Dwarf|Dwarven]] metropolis located beneath the [[Grey Mountains]].

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