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Together Again!

YAY! We finally got together to play D&D! Very happy to play again and get some set up done for a new campaign.


In this session, our heroes emerge from the realm of the Chicken Man after finding out that the cause of the disturbances in Cragspire Mine were caused by the chicken man himself. Once they made their way through the Chicken Realm, they are given large chicken leg by the Chicken Man to use as proof of clearing the mines of the “beast” that ran off the Dwarves. They go to the Comeback Inn and speak with Doc and receive 20 platinum pieces each (a 200gp value!). as a reward for their efforts.

They then meet with Hagar Ironhide and sign up as his armed escorts to travel with him to Kadar. For their troubles they will be paid 15 gold pieces per day. Hagar tells them that it is about a 5 day journey and requests that they arrive in Kadar before their summer festival where he will be displaying his wares and presenting the captain of the city guard with a special suit of armor.


8bitwonder 8bitwonder

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